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Loan refinancing service: Why?

Do you want to know what our loan refinancing service consists of ? From Pardillo Consultants, we are going to tell you what exactly our loan refinancing service consists of . Don’t miss this article about debt pooling!


What is our loan refinancing service?

What is our loan refinancing service?

Are you tired of not reaching the end of the month? Do you need your debt bills to have a smaller amount? Do not worry, we have the solution! Do you want to know what they are? Loan Refinancing ! This type of services consists mainly of grouping all the debts that are held in a single installment. In addition, another of the great advantages is that the fee is less than the sum of the loans separately.


Why hire our loan refinancing service

Why hire our loan refinancing service

Hiring this loan refinancing service will bring great benefits to your family economy. When you go to a negotiating agency you will have the assurance that you will obtain a grouping of your debts that will allow you to reach the end of the month without relief. You will start paying a lower fee and, in addition, it will be a single fee.

The negotiating agencies will be in charge of obtaining the best conditions for you. If you wonder why not go to your trust bank better, it is very simple if you go to your bank, it can only reunify the debts you have contracted with it. If, for example, you have your mortgage with a bank, your car with a financial one and the last reform you have made, you have financed it with another branch, in this case only the negotiating agencies will be able to reunify your debts .


Request more information about our debt grouping service

Request more information about our debt grouping service

If you are interested in reunifying your debts , do not hesitate to ask us for more information. Our professionals will be happy to inform you about all our service. In addition, on our website you can count on our debt grouping simulator . Thanks to this calculator you can know in an estimated way what the amount of your fee will be. Contact us!

Loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor


Borrowing is sometimes not as easy as we would like it to be. Obstacles and traps lurk everywhere, which have to be skilfully circumvented so that in the end the loan that was sought can also be taken out.

Especially when Credit Bureau is not quite as well positioned, it can lead to difficulties in borrowing. Because a weakening Credit Bureau is not welcome by the banks and savings banks and is acknowledged with a rejection of the loan application.

Anyone who does not want to be dissuaded from the project in spite of all of this must either seek a guarantor in such cases or take out the loan in other ways. Since the addition of a guarantor does not represent a great deal of effort and therefore does not require any major explanation in our eyes, we would much rather like to show you options for a loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor. Because this seems much more interesting and, moreover, more complex, so we are sure that our explanations in the search for the right loan offer will certainly help you.

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantors from a private hand

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantors from a private hand

Have you ever heard of personal loans? This is not necessarily a loan or loan that is granted to you by a close relative or acquaintance. Rather, it is a loan that is granted by private individuals to private individuals.

Such loans are offered on special portals that you can find on the Internet. Lenders and borrowers are brought together there. The donors are private investors who want to increase their money with the help of loans. After all, there is a good interest rate on the loan that is far from being achievable with other forms of investment.

The focus of the borrowers is primarily on those who do not receive credit in the conventional way due to their negative Credit Bureau. However, it is important that only the Credit Bureau is allowed to be a problem in the room. If you also have problems with your income, you will not get a loan from a private person despite Credit Bureau without guarantor. Because somehow you have to be able to repay the loan. And you can only do this if you have a decent income that secures your livelihood.

If you take out a loan as a personal loan despite Credit Bureau without a guarantor, you must make your loan request known on the portal already mentioned. Describe which loan amount you need for which project. Also state what kind of collateral you bring with you. If a private lender is found, he will contact you and submit a loan offer. If you like the offer, a loan agreement can result. If it doesn’t fit, you have to keep looking. Maybe even abroad.

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor as a foreign loan

The loan despite Credit Bureau without guarantor as a foreign loan

Even if it may sound a bit strange at first, German citizens with a permanent residence in Germany have the opportunity to take out a loan abroad. Not every bank abroad grants this credit. However, some of them are very happy to do this. We would like to introduce a bank house to them a little more.

Sigma Kreditbank is headquartered in the tranquil Principality of Liechtenstein. The bank has been known for its foreign loans for many years and is particularly popular with German customers. The reason for this is on the one hand the fact that despite Credit Bureau the loan is granted without a guarantor, which is good enough for all those who carry negative entries in Credit Bureau with them. On the other hand, the offer made by the bank is fair and tempting.

The offer – perhaps contrary to expectations – is only a loan with two different loan amounts. The reason for this limitation is that, as a borrower, you can find out in advance exactly what you can expect from the bank and what consideration you have to pay for it. The bank also naturally wants to protect itself and keep the default risk as low as possible.

A small loan with a loan amount of 3,500 or 5,000 USD is offered. This has an effective interest rate of 11 percent. The loan must be repaid to the bank within 40 months. This results in monthly installments of 105 and 150 USD, respectively. The repayment starts the month after next after the contract is signed.

Despite Credit Bureau without guarantor from Liechtenstein, the loan is available when there is a fixed income with which the monthly expenses and the expenses for the loan can be covered. The minimum age of the borrower is 18 years. The main place of residence and the current account must be in Germany. The Credit Bureau query is omitted. Likewise, an entry about taking out the loan. The money from the loan is only transferred to the account. A cash payment is not possible. All forms for the application can be found on the bank’s website and must be completed and signed together with the income and identity documents and sent to the bank. Processing takes place within a few days.

Instant loans online bad credit -Get an easy online payday advance bad credit

Borrowing money without BKR on the internet is excellent since there are various providers available who offer you this option. This is possible, among other things, since there is no need to check at the BKR to be able to give an agreement.

Get a quick and easy online payday advance bad credit

Borrowing money with bad credit is possible online by PaydayNow site where the online payday advance bad credit is offered. One of the big advantages of borrowing money with us is that this is possible in a very fast way. It is sufficient to share a number of personal details and then indicate what amount you would like to receive. They will then transfer the money to your account so that you have access to it. When borrowing money with bad credit, make sure that you have repaid the loan at the right time, so that you do not have to deal with financial problems.

Borrow money without BKR based on your data

Borrow money without BKR based on your data

You can borrow money without BKR based on your data since the provider of the money basically only needs to know how much you earn and what loans you currently have outstanding. The latter cannot be checked in this case, but it is wise to deal with it fairly. That way you ensure that you cannot take out loans that you cannot actually bear. If you do so, borrowing money without BKR will probably only get you in trouble.

Borrow money without BKR on the internet

You can borrow money without BKR by using the internet since there are various providers active online. This means that you can borrow money in a relatively easy way, for example by passing on your data and indicating what you would like to borrow. Keep in mind that it is important to repay the borrowed money on time. That way you can borrow money on the internet without having to deal with additional costs that you are not waiting for. Borrowing money without bkr on the internet is therefore possible. Many lenders offer this service online and you can, therefore, borrow money without going through BKR testing. We provide advice on how it works to explain how works borrow money without BKR.

Social loan – what is it?

Let’s take a look at social loans and see what they really are.

Social loans are very popular in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. They came to Poland at the turn of the year 2008/2009 and despite the fact that they have been operating in our country for almost 10 years, it is relatively new to us.

Social loans – how do they work?

Social loans - how do they work?

Social loans, and the proper social lending loans, are by definition loans that are usually granted by private persons (although not always – legal persons, such as organizations or private companies) may use it private. The entire money lending process takes place without the participation of any bank or parabank financial institution.

In the network we can find websites that are dedicated to social loans. Such portals do not participate in the transaction, but only mediate, earning a commission on successful transactions.

The intermediary platform, i.e. the aforementioned websites connect those people who want to borrow their money (they are so-called social investors) with people who want to borrow from such investors. It should be mentioned that every person using the portal can play the role of both an investor and a borrower. The transaction is preceded by issuing a loan auction on the website, after which, with the consent of the two parties, the lender and the borrower, it is confirmed and then finalized.

Differences between a community loan and a non-bank loan

Differences between a community loan and a non-bank loan

As mentioned before, social loans are granted without financial institutions, so the rules for granting such loans are not precisely defined by applicable law.

Loan companies from the non-banking sector must comply with many legal regulations, including to the Anti-usury Act (we wrote about the Anti-usury Act in the article Anti-usury Act – what is worth knowing? Thus, we have a guarantee that the amount borrowed by us will go to our account and at a certain time – a social loan does not guarantee it. Taking a loan from a financial institution also protects us against any problems with a dishonest lender or borrower.

Advantages of a social loan

Advantages of a social loan

Despite the fact that in Poland this type of loan is not so much trusted, one can distinguish several advantages of this form of borrowing, which will certainly convince many people who need an injection of cash.

A very big plus is the availability of this form of loan. This is a very good solution for people who have some financial liabilities on their account. Unlike a loan from a financial institution, in this case the size of our existing loans is not taken into account and the creditworthiness is not so strictly checked.

Another advantage is the interest rate, which is set between the lender and the borrower. So if we decide to borrow money, we will pay back exactly as much as the borrower agrees to provide us with his funds.

Undoubtedly, the advantages of such loans include the large amount range. We borrow PLN 50 or even tens of thousands of zlotys (it all depends on the trust of the lenders).

A social loan can also be a good way to multiply your money if we have the amount we could lend to someone. In exchange for making your funds available, the broker, i.e. the loan portal, will share his commission with us. It is worth emphasizing at this point that some loan intermediaries offer up to 50% of their commissions.

Disadvantages of social lending

Disadvantages of social lending

The main disadvantage of this type of loan is undoubtedly the low level of security and the risk of fraud. The person sharing their money is at the greatest risk, as there is no full guarantee of its return. Although a loan is granted under a civil law contract, you can never be 100% sure of getting your money. If you do not receive the borrowed amount, you can ask the broker for help to start recovery, but this involves additional costs for the lender.

Taxation is another contentious issue. A person who lends their money makes a profit thanks to a successful transaction and should therefore be taxed with a 19% capital gains tax. Failure to comply with the regulations may have serious consequences.

If not a social loan then what?

If not a social loan then what?

I don’t think anyone is surprised that a social loan is not so popular in Poland. The unregulated rules of such loans and the existing risk mean that Poles both borrow money from other sources, and invest it in another, better way.

If you want to borrow money and prefer a safer source, you can check out long-term loans. The possibility of submitting a loan application online, quick consideration of documents and convenient installments are the features that place this type of loan over social loans.

What is the future of payday loans and how to pay them back?

Online Payday Loan, i.e. a non-bank loan – can cause many problems, especially if it is not repaid on time. It does not enjoy good fame, which is why it has become the main goal of the government, which is consistently fighting it.

What to do if the amount of such commitments exceeds our financial capabilities? How to master them and more importantly pay back?

Change for better


The current Anti-usury Act of March 2016 imposed limits on per-loan costs. According to its provisions, the company granting loans may collect from the client a maximum of 25 percent. loan amount and 30% the total amount per year. However, the total amount to be repaid cannot exceed 100 percent.

the value of the loan or credit contracted. The latest draft amendment to the criminal law regarding usury assumes that non-interest costs of the loan will not exceed 10 percent. its amount, and the total amount that will have to be paid back to the loan company will not be able to exceed 75 percent.

commitment amounts. Google has even introduced restrictions on loan companies. A new policy to promote payday loans has been in force since July 13, 2016. You can not advertise those whose repayment period is less than 60 days. According to Google research, this type of product leads to huge costs that the borrower cannot cope with. Therefore, it was decided to introduce this prohibition to protect consumers against costly payday loans or loans.

A tool for debt removal


We have already written many times about saving methods on our blog. However, we must point out that this is the first step to starting the debt recovery process.

Apart from the fact that saving strategy is important, it should be remembered that this is only a certain element in debt relief. In that case, what will effectively allow us to pay back payday loans? Often, when we try to set new repayment terms ourselves – we are strongly refused.

Agreements with payday loans can be reached, but it is not easy and you will need the help of a professional negotiator – the mediator. Has knowledge of banking law (which also applies to loan companies), so that he can effectively negotiate convenient terms of repayment, tailored to financial capabilities.

Law (and large companies – like Google) are increasingly defending consumers, so from year to year there are more and more opportunities for positive resolution of financial problems and to avoid them in the future. Are you fed up with payday loans? Do you want to pay them back on your terms? Our mediation specialists are waiting to help you! Check the available offer in the online store.

How do you get a loan for self-employed under 2 years?


For the self-employed it is not always easy to get a loan. And especially when self-employment has not been around for a long time, for example, self-employed loans under 2 years of age are difficult to implement.

Good business ideas want to be financed and this requires adequate capital.

Good business ideas want to be financed and this requires adequate capital.

In particular, the loan for self-employed under 2 years makes it easier to finance the independence or to implement a good idea with appropriate funds.

The importance of setting up a business has now been discovered in the economy, however, and so more banks have agreed today to grant self-employed loans. Ultimately, lending to a self-employed person is still a better way to do business than ultimately having no client potential with high unemployment rates.

Especially when starting up a business and granting loans to self-employed persons under the age of 2 years, appropriate natural audit measures are taken to ensure the security of repayment of the loan. In order to implement a project and establish an existence, it is therefore necessary that the founder of the enterprise presents a comprehensive concept for his own business idea. The same applies if the loan is required for the self-employed under 2 years.

Here, too, the banks immediately examine the business concept and the projects for which the money requirement exists. The loan for self-employed persons under the age of 2 years can become easier in the future or prove the creditworthiness. The loan for the self-employed under 2 years is possible at the bank to finance the start-up or to finance another project.

Guarantee collateral

Guarantee collateral

Although self-employed loans under 2 years of age still pose more problems than loans for salaried workers, the market has opened up to this target group. Collateral is important for lending. These can be made in different ways. A revenue / surplus bill is a credit-worthiness accepted by banks when self-employed persons under 2 years apply.

If there is no security due to the submission of the revenue surplus bill, bank statements and income tax return, self-employed persons under the age of 2 can take another route to obtain a desired loan amount. The provision of a guarantor who is included as a third contracting party in the loan agreement and who secures the credit with income or assets, is an alternative to get to the credit.

However, the guarantor must be financially independent of the self-employed to secure the loan. This means, for example, that a spouse who works in the same company – even as an employee – can not provide a guarantee. If the spouse is to secure the loan as a guarantor, he must earn his own income as an employee so that he or she is accepted as such by the bank.

Life insurance as a source of income

Life insurance as a source of income

Another option for self-employed persons under the age of 2 to provide collateral for a loan is to deposit an existing life insurance policy with a corresponding saving share as collateral with the bank. Here are two options. On the one hand, the insurance can be deposited with the appropriate coverage amount as collateral.

An alternative to cover money needs is to lend life insurance and thus choose the insurance company as a credit partner. An advantage of this variant is that there is no credit rating, since there is no risk of default for the insurance.

Dividing the payday loan into installments – is it possible?

In some situations, repayment of payday loans on time can be a problem. Even in the case of a well-thought-out loan decision, there may be some random events that will make payment difficult. The borrower’s biggest challenge at such times is to pay back the high loan amount. An alternative is the option to extend the commitment. However, the problem arises when the customer has already reached for it and used it.

Most lenders operating on the Polish market try to quickly collect their debts. Initially, he sends out reminders and then directs the case to the official recovery path. Some lending companies treat customers who have encountered financial problems more favorably. For such borrowers, the option of setting a new individual payday loan repayment schedule has been prepared. Yes, it is possible for most lenders to install payday loans in installments.

Free payday payment and payment in installments

money cash

Also, the free payday loan can be divided into installments. In this case, however, one should take into account that the free loan will cease to be free. As you know, in the case of free payday pay it is necessary to meet the basic condition, i.e. to pay the liability on time.

Therefore, additional costs will be added to the unpaid loan that the client will pay in installments. Keep in mind that the fees will be higher than for paid payday pay. An additional 10-20% of the total loan amount is added to the liability. Perhaps this solution does not sound very encouraging at the moment. However, in most cases this is the only way out of a difficult financial situation.

Both free and paid payday loans are usually spread over several installments. Loan companies usually do not agree to set a repayment schedule for more than 12 months. Nevertheless, spreading the loan over several installments will allow you to pay back the debt, minimizing the risk of falling into even greater debt.

Installment application – what elements should it contain?

money cash

Most loan companies want to recover money from the borrower. Therefore, these entities are in favor of the requests of customers who are willing to repay the liability. If we have any funds that we can transfer to repay the loan, it is worth allocating them to settle the liability. Then the lender will have greater certainty that we will repay the remaining part of the loan.

Elements that should include the application for spreading the debt into installments:

  • place and date of submitting the application,
  • customer’s personal data (name, surname, PESEL number, residential address, e-mail address, telephone number),
  • loan number (you can additionally add the date of the loan agreement),
  • the outstanding amount,
  • justifying the request for payment of the debt into installments (arguments should point to a difficult financial situation, caused e.g. by sudden expenses, illness, loss of job),
  • proposal to divide into installments regarding the number of installments or the maximum amount of monthly installment,
  • a request for positive consideration of the application,
  • borrower’s signature.

Which loan companies make it possible to spread the loan into installments?

Which loan companies make it possible to spread the loan into installments?

Vederas is one of the companies that offer the option of spreading liabilities in installments. The entity offers a solution in the form of an individual repayment schedule. However, it is necessary to have strong arguments, e.g. job loss or illness. Just contact Customer Service to find out how you can spread the payday loan in installments.

Good Lender is another company. In this particular case, the lender forces certain requirements to be met. The customer must extend the repayment period twice or delay payment of the obligation at least 30 days.

New commitment repayment schedule

Establishing a new repayment schedule involves calculating costs of approximately 10-20% of the value of the entire loan. The loan company adds costs for distribution and then sets a new repayment schedule. The borrower who actually wants to get out of debt should regularly pay the debt in accordance with the proposed repayment plan.


How much to take a loan to build a house and where to start?


Construction of real estate is a considerable financial challenge. See how much money you need and where to start building your house.

Almost everyone dreams of their own apartment or house. However, this is not a real desire for everyone. The main obstacle to buying or building the proverbial four corners is the lack of funds. One of the most attractive ways out of a financially unfavorable situation is borrowing a few pennies. Therefore, more and more Poles decide to enter into a commitment.

Among the most popular products of institutions from the financial sector, loans and credit invariably dominate. Most consumers confuse both terms and think that they mean exactly the same thing. Meanwhile, they differ a lot, and this awareness can often protect the debtor from the unpleasant consequences of being bound by a contract with a loan company or a bank. You can read more in the article Credit and loan – what are the differences .

What is a loan?

What is a loan?


In a nutshell, the term credit covers a written contract between the borrower and the bank. It consists in the fact that the banking institution undertakes to make available the specific amount indicated for the period specified with the borrower. The latter, in turn, undertakes to allocate the funds obtained to the indicated purpose. It is also his duty to return the money together with accrued commissions and interest in the given period.

Loan breakdown

Loan breakdown


There are several types of loans. The two basic types are credit for business entities and natural persons. The latter is divided, among others, into consumer and housing loans, including mortgages. When considering building a house or buying a flat, the most sensible solution would be to focus on your mortgage.

Mortgage – what is it?

Mortgage - what is it?


It is characterized by longevity. The collateral for this type of loan is the mortgage, which is established, for example, on the ownership of a specific property or the right of perpetual usufruct. For this reason, the bank obtains a solid guarantee that even if the borrower will not be able to repay the debt, he will be able to enforce the equivalent of the liability by taking over the property in debt recovery proceedings. Mortgages are an attractive product for consumers due to lower total costs compared to cash loans.

House construction

House construction


It is a large investment, reaching several hundred thousand or even several million. Most of us dream about their own home, but not everyone can afford a plot, let alone erect a building. The aforementioned mortgage loans come to the rescue. However, this option is reserved for consumers with a good credit history and high ability to incur liabilities. In this case, you also need some own contribution, i.e. funds that cannot come from a loan, but from our savings.

Mortgage and alternative solutions

Mortgage and alternative solutions


Many of us associate the construction of a house with a mortgage contract. Meanwhile, more and more banks are introducing the so-called loan for building a house into their offer. The solution consists of two elements. At the first stage, when we carry out construction works, the liability takes the form of a construction loan. In the next, after living in the house, it evolves into a mortgage.

Home construction loan – basic information

Home construction loan - basic information


Each institution approaches this matter in a slightly different way. Loan offers may therefore differ in total costs, but also in the method of assessing creditworthiness. For this reason, a good solution would be to contact a bank consultant who will explain the details of the home loan. Lenders usually require consumers to have Polish citizenship, a valid ID card, and to reside in the territory of the Republic of Poland. The list of necessary documents to be submitted will certainly include: certificate of income and employment, tax return or notarial deed confirming the ownership of the plot on which the house is to be built. The cost estimate and the construction design, as well as the decision on the building permit or permit may be of great importance.

First a plot, then a house

So we can see that the mortgage from the one intended for the construction of the house differs in several elements. The basic one is that in the case of the first one, we do not always have to provide the bank with building permits or confirmation of land ownership. A banking institution usually needs several days to make a decision. If it turns out positive, the borrower will be left with nothing more than to wait for the transfer of the first money. We should remember that in the case of this type of liability we do not apply the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act, but banking law! In practice, this means that if we sign, we cannot benefit from a two-week notice period!

Payment in tranches

While in the case of other loans, the bank transfers all borrowed funds to the borrower at once, while the loan for building a house is paid out gradually. The institution at each of the construction stages will settle us on the progress of work and support us with the next tranche. Therefore, it will be necessary for the borrower to regularly provide invoices and evidence of progress at the construction site. Otherwise, the banking institution may even suspend the payment of further funds or impose a fine on the consumer for not completing the task on time.

Credit transformation

During the construction period, the borrower is not obliged to repay the receivables. The grace period is usually two years. After completion of construction and commissioning of the property, our commitment will gain a new, mortgage character. That is when the loan needs to be settled. Importantly, all interest is charged on the difference between the outstanding amount and the valuation of the property, which is treated as a kind of own contribution. The collateral will expire only after the entire commitment has been paid.

Building a house with or without a loan?

Building a house with or without a loan?


It all depends on the wealth of our wallet and the amount saved. The first step to take before entering into a contract with a bank is a thorough analysis of our situation. It is not only about material matters, but also professional or personal. Remember that we are the ones who make the decision to commit. It’s best to think about all the pros and cons and use common sense. In this context, we recommend one of our texts titled 3 iron rules for informed lending.

Home loan – is it worth it?

Home loan - is it worth it?


Many ask themselves: is building a house with a mortgage a profitable decision? With relatively steady income and reliable employment, credit can be a good option, especially for people who need quick cash. Mortgages have high amounts and a long repayment period. Many families can forget about building their own home without the help of the bank. Putting away several hundred thousand zlotys is almost a miracle. However, if you decide to take a loan, before visiting a bank branch it is worth reading the text 7 ways to increase the chances of getting a loan . Having prepared effective arguments, we will receive money immediately. However, if we have too low creditworthiness, you can take advantage of attractive loans at any time. Of course, they will not be as huge as a mortgage, but at the initial stage of construction every penny is at a premium.

Loans like Provy

High amount, convenience installment, comfortable application conditions – is it only Provy who has such an offer? We searched the loan market to find alternatives for you!

Provy has been providing loans to Poles for over twenty years. Currently in its offer you will find an online Self-service Loan up to $ 20,000 and a Matched Loan providing home service . You can donate money in weekly or monthly installments ; in addition, you choose whether you pay back the loan by bank transfer or through a home advisor. And what alternatives does the market have for us?


Loans like Provy. In what companies will you get them?

credit loan

We have prepared a list of companies that offer loans like Provy . See in which companies you will use competitive services in the categories home loan, high amount, long-term and with repayment in weekly installments.

Home loan

Both the British Provy and the Polish lender Stark Loans offer clients a loan agreement at the client’s home. A convenient cash delivery formula is possible thanks to mobile customer advisers. To take advantage of the Stark Loan offer, you must call or send an SMS to the lender, then after a telephone conversation with the company consultant make an appointment and sign the contract.

  • Loan from 600 USD
  • Cash delivery within 24-48 hours
  • The repayment period is up to 52 weeks

High amount loan

At Provy you can borrow up to $ 20,000. Wonga presents the same offer. Both new and regular customers can apply for a high amount – all you have to do is fill out the online application, provide the necessary details and wait for the lender to decide. It’s good to know that Wonga adheres to the Principles of Good Practice at the Conference of Financial Enterprises, which means it carefully verifies the possibility of granting a loan.

  • The installment loan for new clients reaches $ 20,000
  • The repayment period is up to 60 installments
  • Up to 30 days you give back as much as you borrowed

Long-term loan

Loans like Provy – that is, with a long loan period, you can also look for at PSLoan. The Finnish company has prepared a loan with a renewable limit for a maximum of 60 months, which means that you only apply for money once. Who can take advantage of the offer? Everyone who is 18 years of age and has passed the verification process.

  • Loan with a renewable limit (you apply only once)
  • Maximum 60 months
  • Up to $ 40,000


Weekly repayment loan

The last criterion we adopted when looking for loans similar to Provy is the possibility of paying off the so-called tygodniówkami. If you’re looking for this type of loan, check out Sir Nix. The company grants loans for a period of 4 to 96 weeks. The maximum loan amount is $ 10,000 and can be repaid in weekly installments. What’s more, the loan can be repaid by transfer to a bank account, cash at a branch or a representative in your home or company.

  • A loan with weekly repayment
  • From 4 to 96 weeks
  • Up to $ 10,000


What are the requirements?

loan requirements?

To take advantage of the above-mentioned suggestions, you must meet the requirements of lenders. What do they look like?

  • Suitable age: depending on the lender it will be min. 18 or 20 years old
  • Current ID card and contact telephone number, and in the case of online financial products also an email address and personal bank account
  • Obtaining a positive credit risk assessment

It is worth making sure before applying that the lender does not impose additional conditions.


How to get a loan?

How to get a loan?

Every time you want to get a loan in Stark Loan, Wonga or Sir Nix, you must complete and submit the application. The exception is PSLoan – you apply for this lender only once, because after passing the procedure you will be granted a revolving loan limit.